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2017 Issue

The Structure of Distributed Scientific Research Teams Affects Collaboration and Research Output by Sarah Gehlert et al.
Philosophy of Transdisciplinarity: Approaches to the Definition by Larisa Kiyashchenko
Biomimetic Engineering Analysis of Heliotropic Plants by Jerome Moore and Adam Hines
The history of the Indian sacred book (Atharva-Veda) and its contribution to the Integrative medicine model by Paulo Nuno Martins
Objectives are subjective by Cantemir Mambet
An Essay Concerning Human Decisions by Zoltan Baracski and Viktor Dorfler
A Transdisciplinary Approach to Unemployment In the United States Petroleum Industry by Christopher Kreger, Daniel Moran, Stacie Therson
From Discipline to Inter-and Transdiscipline in the Environmental Academic Sector in Mexico by Maria Concepcion Martinez Rodriguez, Luis Angel Jimenez Lopez, Omar Mayorga
Towards an Indigenous Transdisciplinarity by Anthony Cole
Artful Sustainability: Queer-Convivialist Life-Art and the Artistic Turn in Sustainability Research by Sacha Kagan
Research In-between: The Constitutive Role of Cultural Differences in Transdisciplinarity by Ulli Vilsmaier, Vera Brandner, Moritz Engbers
From Instrumental Research in Art to its Sharing: Producing a Commons, Respecting the Singular by Samuel Bianchini
The Aesthetic Experience of Time, in between the Hourglass and the Self by Hans Dieleman, Francesca Cozzolino, Anne Bationo
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