ATLAS Publishing

2016 Issue

Table of Contents
Understanding Global Cancer Disparities: The Role of Social Determinants from System Dynamics Perspective
Transdisciplinary Approaches in the Development of Novel Therapies for the Treatment of Fibrotic Diseases
A Hyperspectral Signature Method for Identifying E. coli: Impact on Public Health
Thinking Transdisciplinarily on a Country Path: Rooting Enquiry and Pedagogy by Learning from Heidegger and the Zhongyong
Technological Singularity – The Dark Side
The Many Ways of Thinking: Transdisciplinary Skills
Transdisciplinary Trans-Sector Integration in Education: Convergence
Transdisciplinary Science Methodology as a Necessary Condition in Research and Education
Steps to an Ecology of Knowing, and to Teaching Embodied Transdisciplinary Hermeneutics
Cosmodern Education for a Sustainable Development: a Transdisciplinary and Biomimetic Approach form the Big History
Author Information
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