ATLAS Publishing

2015 Issue

Table of Contents Volume - 6 - 2015
A Case Study Approach to Train Early-Stage Investigators in Transdisciplinary Research, by Emily C. Benesh et al.
A Social Network Analysis Approach to Diagnosing and Improving the Functioning of Transdisciplinary Teams in Public Health, by Sarah Gehlert et al.
Communicative Action and the Trans-Disciplinary Education in Taiwan, by Kung-Pei Tang
Transdisciplinary Education: Self Knowledge and Quality of Being, by Antonio Gomez Yepes, Domingo Adame and Enrique Vargas Madrazo
Qualitative Marketing Research, Neurosciences, and Transdisciplinarity, by Georges Guelfand
Transdisciplinary Hermeneutics; Working From the Inner Self, Creating Ecologies of Knowing, by Hans Dieleman
Information and the Future of Transdisciplinarity, by Joseph E. Brenner
Global Knowledge in the Global City According to Paul Otlet’s Twin Utopias, by Paul Ghils
Some Considerations Regarding the Phenomenological Relationship Between Music And Mathematics, by Gerardo del Cerro Santamaria
The Value of Transdisciplinary Collaboration in Robotics Education and Research, by Gerardo del Cerro Santamaria
The Science of Bee Collapse and an Emerging Knowledge for Sustainability, by Elsa Coimbra
“Homeland Security” at Home, by R. O. “Bob” Stroud
Legacy Interface Adapter Design Modeling: Part-I, by Lonney J. Head
Instructions for Authors
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