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2014 Issue

Table of Contents Volume - 5 - 2014
Detecting and Discriminating Small Arms Fire Using Neural Networks: Tools to Mitigate Urban Gun Violence, by Simeon Symeonidis and Alan Barhorst
Transdisciplinary Scholarship: Integrating Boyer’s Model of Scholarship with Transdisciplinary Research, by Greg Cronin
The Cosmodernity Paradigm:An Emerging Perspective for the Global Citizenship Education Proposed by UNESCO, by Javier Collado Ruano, Dante Augusto Galeffi, and Roberto Leon Inacio Ponczek
System of Systems Analyses of RTI International Metals’ Boeing 787 Seat Rail Supply Chain, by Adam Stroud
Comparative Quality Evaluation of Internet Banking Applications Case Study of Three Romanian Banks, by Mihai F. Talpos and Liciniu A. Kovacs
Delivery Parts for High Temperature Vacuum Chambers Based on Simulation Results, by Erdar Kaplan, Faruk Unker, and Olkan Cuvalci
Design and Optimization of Chemical Mixing System for Vacuum Chambers: Simulation Results, by Faruk Unker, Erdar Kaplan, and Olkan Cuvalci
Communications from Inanimate Objects: Internet of Things by Sukanta Ganguly
Software Defined “X” by Sukanta Ganguly
Protecting Human Capital through the Intersection of Architecture, Engineering and Worker Safety, by Pamela Heckel
Safe Room Wall Design for Tornado Survival, by Melisa A. Blahnik, Emrah Gumus, Bobby G. McPeak, and Atila Ertas
The Narrative as a Way to Construct Transdisciplinary Knowledge: Building Upon Experience in a Polyphonic Way, by Francesco Panico and Hans Dieleman
Advanced Concept of Information Security Comprehensive Science, by Shigeo Tsujii, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, and Masahito Gotaishi
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