ATLAS Publishing

2013 Issue

Table of Contents Volume - 4 - 2013
Systems and Information: A Transdisciplinary Study, by Joseph E. Brenner
Perceptive Levels in Plants: A Transdisciplinary Challenge in Living Organism’s Plasticity, by Marc-Williams Debono
The Essential Tension: Rational and Reasonable in Science and Philosophy, by Paul Ghils
Transdisciplinarity and Biomimicry, by Sue L. T. McGregor
Transdisciplinary Pragmatism?, by Maria F. de Mello and Vitoria M. de Barros
On the Relationship of Metaphysics to Transdisciplinarity, by Eric L. Weislogel
The Transdisciplinary Carats of Patristic Byzantine Tradition, by Doru Costache
Vision and Experience: The Contribution of Art to Transdisciplinary Knowledge, by Danielle Boutet
Educating for Joy, by Antonella Verdiani
Transdisciplinary Methodology in Research and Education: The EMMY Case, by Liviu Drugus
Practicing Transdisciplinary Methodology within the Frame of a Traditional Educational System, by Mirela Muresan
Transdisciplinary Collaboration in Developing and Designing Patient Handling/Transfer Assistive Devices: Current & Future Designs, by T. Batuhan Baturalp
Major Language, Minor Destiny? The Space of Francophone Liberty: The case of the writer Marius Daniel Popescu, by Simona Modreanu
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