ATLAS Publishing

2012 Issue

Table of Contents Volume - 3 - 2012
Shaping Education and Training to Advance Transdisciplinary Health Research, by S. Gehlert
The Need for Transdisciplinarity in Higher Education in a Globalized World, by B. Nicolescu
Scientists and Theologians in Front of the Mystery, by T. Magnin
Light, Lighting & Illumination in Transdisciplinar Meaning, by G. Aviles
Transdisciplinary Artful Doing in Spaces of Experimentation and Imagination, by H. Dieleman
Engineering Transdisciplinarity in University Academic Affairs: Challenges, Dilemmas, and Progress, by E. Hyun
Mechatronic Platforms for Transdisciplinarity Learning, by V. Maties
The Unconscious of Economics, by T. Brailean
Deal with Complexity and Risk in Professional Relationship: The Transdisciplinary Logic, by L. Desbois
Epistemological Awareness and Transdisciplinary Attitude: Experiencing the Embodied Being, by E. V. Madrazo
Integrating Transdisciplinarity in Undergraduate Education, by A. Ertas
Instructions for Authors
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