ATLAS Publishing

2011 Issue

Table of Contents Volume - 2 - 2011
Preface Volume - 2 - 2011
International Congresses on Transdisciplinarity: Their Importance for the Emergence of a Transdisciplinary Methodology, by B. Nicolescu
Place and Transdisciplinarity, by S. L.T. McGregor
A Transdisciplinary Approach to Mechatronics, by S. Berian and V. Maties
From a Disciplinary to a Transdisciplinary Vision of the University: A Space of Knowledge, Culture, Art, Spirituality, and Life, by D. Adame
On Models for Transdisciplinarity, by F. F. Nichita
A Transdisciplinary Understanding for Economic Risk Management, by M. Motocu
An Essay in the Philosophy of Transdisciplinarity (the “Bioethics” as a Casus), by L. P. Kiyashchenko
Aesthetics of Sustainability: A Transdisciplinary Sensibility for Transformative Practices, by S. Kagan
Sustainability and Spirituality: A Transdisciplinary Perspective by M. Cristina Núñez
Transdisciplinary Art, Technology, and Managment for Sustainable Enterprise by P. Shrivastava and S. Ivanaj
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