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Table of Contents for 2015


A Case Study Approach to Train Early-Stage Investigators in Transdisciplinary Research by Emily C. Benesh, Laura E. Lamb, Shahnjayla K. Connors, Grant W. Farmer, Kather- ine C. Fuh, Jean Hunleth, Katherine L. Montgomery, Alex T. Ramsey, Kelle H. Moley, Graham A. Colditz, Sarah J. Gehlert

A Social Network Analysis Approach to Diagnosing and Improving the Functioning of Transdisciplinary Teams in Public Health by Sarah Gehlert, Bobbi J. Carothers, Jung Ae Lee, Je_erson Gill, Douglas Luke, Graham Colditz

Rewarding Transdisciplinary Scholarship in Higher Education by Greg Cronin

Communicative Action and the Trans-Disciplinary Education in Taiwan by Kung-Pei Tang

Transdisciplinary Education: Self Knowledge and Quality of Being by Antonio Gomez Yepes, Domingo Adame and Enrique Vargas Madrazo 

Qualitative Marketing Research, Neurosciences, and Transdisciplinarity by Georges Guelfand

Transdisciplinary Hermeneutics; Working From the Inner Self, Creating Ecologies of Knowing by Hans Dieleman 

Information and the Future of Transdisciplinarity by Joseph E. Brenner 

Global Knowledge in the Global City According to Paul Otlet's Twin Utopias by Paul Ghils 

Some Considerations Regarding the Phenomenological Relationship Between Music And Mathematics by Gerardo del Cerro Santamaria 

The Value of Transdisciplinary Collaboration in Robotics Education and Research by Gerardo del Cerro Santamaria

The Science of Bee Collapse and an Emerging Knowledge for Sustainability by Elsa Coimbra

Homeland Security at Home by R. O. "Bob" Stroud

Legacy Interface Adapter Design Modeling: Part-I by Lonney J. Head

Table of Contents for 2014


Detecting and Discriminating Small Arms Fire Using Neural Networks: Tools to Mitigate Urban Gun Violence, by Simeon Symeonidis and Alan Barhorst

Transdisciplinary Scholarship: Integrating Boyer’s Model of Scholarship with Transdisciplinary Research, by Greg Cronin

The Cosmodernity Paradigm:An Emerging Perspective for the Global Citizenship Education Proposed by UNESCO, by Javier Collado Ruano, Dante Augusto Galeffi, and Roberto Leon Inacio Ponczek

System of Systems Analyses of RTI International Metals’ Boeing 787 Seat Rail Supply Chain, by Adam Stroud

Comparative Quality Evaluation of Internet Banking Applications Case Study of Three Romanian Banks, by Mihai F. Talpos and Liciniu A. Kovacs

Delivery Parts for High Temperature Vacuum Chambers Based on Simulation Results, by Erdar Kaplan, Faruk Unker, and Olkan Cuvalci

Design and Optimization of Chemical Mixing System for Vacuum Chambers: Simulation Results, by Faruk Unker, Erdar Kaplan, and Olkan Cuvalci

Software Defined “X”, by Sukanta Ganguly

Communications from Inanimate Objects: Internet of Things, by Sukanta Ganguly

Protecting Human Capital through the Intersection of Architecture, Engineering and Worker Safety, by Pamela Heckel

Safe Room Wall Design for Tornado Survival, by Melisa A. Blahnik, Emrah Gumus, Bobby G. McPeak, and Atila Ertas

The Narrative as a Way to Construct Transdisciplinary Knowledge: Building Upon Experience in a Polyphonic Way, by Francesco Panico and Hans Dieleman

Advanced Concept of Information Security Comprehensive Science, by Shigeo Tsujii, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, and Masahito Gotaishi

Table of Contents for 2013


Systems and Information: A Transdisciplinary Study, by Joseph E. Brenner

Perceptive Levels in Plants: A Transdisciplinary Challenge in Living Organism’s Plasticity, by Marc-Williams Debono

The Essential Tension: Rational and Reasonable in Science and Philosophy, by Paul Ghils

Transdisciplinarity and Biomimicry, by Sue L. T. McGregor

Transdisciplinary Pragmatism?, by Maria F. de Mello and Vitoria M. de Barro

On the Relationship of Metaphysics to Transdisciplinarity, by Eric L. Weislogel

The Transdisciplinary Carats of Patristic Byzantine Tradition, by Doru Costache

Vision and Experience: The Contribution of Art to Transdisciplinary Knowledge, by Danielle Boutet

Educating for Joy, by Antonella Verdiani

Transdisciplinary Methodology in Research and Education: The EMMY Case, by Liviu Drugus

Practicing Transdisciplinary Methodology within the Frame of a Traditional Educational System, by Mirela Muresan

Transdisciplinary Collaboration in Developing and Designing Patient Handling/Transfer Assistive Devices: Current & Future Designs, by T. Batuhan Baturalp

Major Language, Minor Destiny? The Space of Francophone Liberty: The case of the writer Marius Daniel Popescu, by Simona Modreanu

Table of Contents for 2012


Shaping Education and Training to Advance Transdisciplinary Health Research, by S. Gehlert

The Need for Transdisciplinarity in Higher Education in a Globalized World, by B. Nicolescu

Scientists and Theologians in Front of the Mystery, by T. Magnin

Light, Lighting & Illumination in Transdisciplinar Meaning, by G. Aviles

Transdisciplinary Artful Doing in Spaces of Experimentation and Imagination, by H. Dieleman

Engineering Transdisciplinarity in University Academic Affairs: Challenges, Dilemmas, and Progress, by E. Hyun

Mechatronic Platforms for Transdisciplinarity Learning, by V. Maties

The Unconscious of Economics, by T. Brailean

Deal with Complexity and Risk in Professional Relationship: The Transdisciplinary Logic, by L. Desbois

Epistemological Awareness and Transdisciplinary Attitude: Experiencing the Embodied Being, by E. V. Madrazo

Integrating Transdisciplinarity in Undergraduate Education, by A. Ertas

Table of Contents for 2011


International Congresses on Transdisciplinarity: Their Importance for the Emergence of a Transdisciplinary Methodology, by B. Nicolescu

Place and Transdisciplinarity, by S. L.T. McGrego

A Transdisciplinary Approach to Mechatronics, by S. Berian and V. Maties

From a Disciplinary to a Transdisciplinary Vision of the University: A Space of Knowledge, Culture, Art, Spirituality, and Life, by D. Adame

On Models for Transdisciplinarity, by F. F. Nichita

A Transdisciplinary Understanding for Economic Risk Management, by M. Motocu

An Essay in the Philosophy of Transdisciplinarity (the “Bioethics” as a Casus), by L. P. Kiyashchenko

Aesthetics of Sustainability: A Transdisciplinary Sensibility for Transformative Practices, by S. Kagan

Sustainability and Spirituality: A Transdisciplinary Perspective by M. Cristina Núñez

Transdisciplinary Art, Technology, and Managment for Sustainable Enterprise by P. Shrivastava and S. Ivanaj

Table of Contents for 2010


Remembering John Warfield by Julie Thompson Klein

The Cognition Partition: Toward the Horizons College by John Warfield

Methodology of Transdisciplinarity –Levels of Reality, Logic of the Included Middle and Complexity by Basarab Nicolescu

Transdisciplinary System Science: Implications for Healthcare and Other Problems of Global Signifi- cance by Azad M. Madni

Understanding of Transdiscipline and Transdisciplinary process by Atila Ertas

From Transdisciplinarity to Transdisciplinary Research by Christian Pohl

A Knowledge Component Framework for Enhancing Transdisciplinary Knowledge Assimilation by John N. Carbone 

Designing Transdisciplinary Discovery and Innovation: Models and Tools for Dynamic Knowledge Integration by Derrick Tate

Deciphering Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Contributions by Roderick J. Lawrence 

Results of a Survey to Identify Differences between Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Research Process by Tom Kollman and Atila Ertas