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  • Where do I take my compostable cups once I’m done using them?
  • The compostable cups must be brought to a municipal/commercial composting facility for proper break down where temperature, moisture, oxygen and other factors can be carefully monitored. Please contact your local municipal government for more information.
  • What’s the difference between your recyclable and compostable plastic cups?
  • Our recyclable cups are made of the #1 PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material, which is the most widely accepted recyclable plastic!

    As for our compostable cups, they’re made from a vegetable-based resin (PLA - polylactic acid) from domestically grown and annually renewable plant sources. These cups are designed to break down in 40-60 days and must be taken to a municipal/commercial compost facility after usage.
  • Do the compostable plastic cups have a storage life?
  • To benefit the environment, these cups are designed to break down under heated conditions within 40-60 days. All of our PLA compostable plastic cups MUST be stored at temperatures below 105°Fahrenheit or they will slowly begin to breakdown. This information is clearly stated on the outside of every case that is shipped. We make certain that these conditions are carefully observed on site but cannot be responsible once the cups leave our dock. Cups that begin to breakdown will appear melted or somewhat discolored. This is not a defect and we are not responsible for conditions during transport or once they reach the shipping destination.
  • Are you able to remove the ECO Container logo from the compostable paper cups and the Hold & Go logo from the recyclable double-walled cups?
  • The cups that we carry are already pre-formed with the ECO Container and Hold & Go branding. Unfortunately, it is not something that we’re able to remove from our end. However, the ECO Container and Hold & Go logos will not affect the imprint area for your design(s).