Design & Artwork

Need more information about ordering, designs, etc.? Check-out the most commonly asked questions customers ask us below!

If your question wasn’t addressed here, email or give us a call. Our team’s on stand-by to assist you!

  • What type of artwork can you print?
  • We can print almost any 2D artworks provided. However, to ensure that we’re able to print your artwork on our cups, we need a scalable, vector-based version in a file format such as .ai, .eps or .pdf. These are most often created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. All fonts must be converted to curves/outlines to preserve your font format. Please ensure that objects of the same color are grouped and placed on the same layer.

    If you don't have your artwork in this format, we may be able to convert it from the files you have after our art team evaluates it. So, no matter what format your artwork is in, don’t hesitate to send it to us – we’ll figure it out!

    Please also keep in mind that we do not print any artwork that contains shades/gradients. Any artwork that has shades/gradients will be converted into a solid color.
  • Can I see what my logo would look like on a cup before I place my order?
  • We always provide a digital proof for our customers on their choice of logo within 1 business day. This proof is a representation of what your logo would look like when it’s being printed on the physical cups themselves.

    The proof is used to verify the size, position and colour of the artwork that we will be printing on your cups. All proofs must be approved before we can schedule your job in production.

    We cover up to 3 free proofs so you can make any changes you would like when you receive the proof. So don’t be scared to let us know if there’s things you don’t like or would like to change! For each additional proof, there’s an art fee of $15.
  • Can you help us with creating a design?
  • While our art department doesn’t offer design services, we’re able to transfer your art files and convert it onto the proof.

    We can, however, input text if you require us to. We’ll require either the font name or font file to download from if we don’t have it available.
  • Do you have a template for the imprint areas on the cups that I can use?
  • If you would like to know the imprint areas of each cup, please contact either the representative that’s working with you or e-mail We’ll provide you with a template for the imprint area on the cups you’re looking for.
  • There are multiple colors in my artwork, can you print that?
  • We most definitely can! The only thing you need to note are the color minimums when printing multi-color logos (applies per item/per design).

    • 1 color printing = 100 cups

    • 2 color printing = 5,000 cups

    • 3-4 color printing = 10,000 cups
  • Can I print 2 different logos on the 2-sided printing on cups?
  • Yes, you can! It comes with no additional charges. Please note that the logos would have to be the same colors unless the color minimums are met. Please refer to the following guidelines (applies per item/per design):

    • 1 color printing = 100 cups

    • 2 color printing = 5,000 cups

    • 3-4 color printing = 10,000 cups

    When submitting your art files, please let the representative you’re working with know that you would like different logos on each side of the cups.
  • Since you’re able to do custom printed cups, can you also print on lids?
  • Unfortunately we’re unable to custom print on the lids due to our current printing process. This is always subject to change in the future. Stay tuned!
  • What is a PMS color and how do I choose my colors?
  • The Cup Store uses the Pantone Colour Matching System (PMS) to ensure we print the exact colour and shade you require for your artwork. We will ask you to provide the PMS number when you submit your order and artwork files, so that we can process your proof correctly. If you need more information on the pantone system or would like to see the full range of colours, please click here.